573 - The Konami Number

The Konami Number
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This community is for posting pictures of the magical konami number that you find in your daily life.

For the record, 573 = go na mi = Konami. Yes yes, some of you that don't know enough Japanese to know what you're talking about might say "BUT 7 IS NANA AND 3 IS SAN."
Everyone will agree that 5 is "go," nana (7) can be shortened to "na," and the counting system for flat objects: 1 - hitotsu, 2 - futatsu, 3- mitsu, 4- yotsu, 5- itsutsu, etc.

Konami (小波) means small waves, like how tsunami means large wave. Which is why their old logo looked like waves, there's a song in IIDX called small waves (with a combo of 573), the various 573 numbers across all Konami games, and why 573 is the best number ever.


Old Konami logo is being used because it actually has something to do with the name of the company.